As always, the Advent of Code this year is tons of fun! I'm taking this opportunity to attempt the challenges in Haskell, since I've been trying to learn it for a long time. It's tough, but well worth it 👨‍💻Here's my repo:

I’m super proud of the work that my teammates put in at the Vancouver DecodeCongestion

Our app, Bus Joust, finds a way to gamify public transit and traffic data collection, and the effort paid off! I’ll post some screenshots later this week 🚌 ⚔️ 🚎

Hey all! @cosullivan will be hosting a small Mastodon/Fediverse meetup this Monday November 11th at Aperture Coffee (4124 Main Street) at 11:25 AM. It’ll be fun to meet up!

I had a lot of fun presenting a short talk on decentralization at the West Vancouver Memorial Library today. There’s so much to talk about outside of cryptocurrency!

After years of excuses and avoidance, I finally sat down and made some commits to an Open-Source project. I can now proudly say that Mastodon has two of my very own commits.

I’ve decided to start learning Rust 🦀 Rustlings has been really good so far, but I’m excited to dive into more advanced material

god i wish programming communities had been like this when i started

There will be a 3.0.1 release containing some fixes soon


Woo! Successfully updated Mastodon to 3.0! 🐘

Okay, I am finalizing the 3.0 release now

Lighthouse Labs' 21 Day Coding Challenge is starting on November 1st! I've had a ton of fun putting together the challenges, and I hope people have a good time working through them 🤖

There are a bunch of prizes up for grabs, and I'll be posting more information about it in the next little while.


This is a great video lesson on Activity Pub:

I think it would be fun to get a crew together and make our way through implementing part of the protocol. It might be something that I'll throw at some of the students that come to my Alumni Lab 👩‍🔬

i've seen those jokes about like "how to put D&D on your resume" on linkedin of all places and it really makes it obvious how much of the job search process is horseshit. you know it's horseshit when you're writing it, they know it's horseshit when they're reading it, but they still require you to do it anyway

when i was learning code one of my teachers, who obviously used to be an English teacher, would always asked "wherefore X"?

that is, not only do you need to know HOW to use a technology, but you need to know WHY you should use it, in what cases, and when you should probably stop using it

i wish that more tech articles included this because, frankly, i don't know how you even get off the ground if you don't know why you're using a particular technology

Happy Hacktober! I'm going to try to contribute to open source this month. Hmmm... maybe I'll contribute to Mastodon!

Hi Fediverse 👋

it's @tobias here, broadcasting via this new fediverse account representing (formerly) #switchingsocial 🎉

Please follow, dm and @ this account for everything related to the English version ... as @swisode wants to write German posts again 😁

It's been one week since the #shutdown. There hasn't been any news from the original author yet. So, I believe, it's on us to keep this project alive.

Please stay tuned as I'll ask for support here - after some more preparations. 💻

Woo! Mastodon is set up! Looks like it wasn't so difficult after all :)

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